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Published on July 22, 2022

What is Robotic-Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery?

Imagine a robot is in the room with you right now. What do you see? You are likely picturing something you saw in a movie once. Maybe it is an advanced humanoid or perhaps it is a boxy creature similar to a child’s Halloween costume. It may be shocking, but you likely are in the same room as a robot at this very moment. Maybe you have a vacuum cleaning robot that takes care of your dusty floors or maybe your child is playing with a toy dog that responds to her touch. Robots are not the stuff of fantasy any longer.

In health care, robots can be integral in providing a surgical patient with the best outcome possible. Robots used in surgery are not performing the entire procedure themselves but are used by a skilled surgeon to be as precise as possible. Robotic-assisted surgery allows the surgeon to perform procedures with smaller incisions and more precision than traditional surgical methods. This can lead to shorter recovery times and improved overall surgical outcomes.

UNC Ortho offers robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery using CORI, an advanced handheld robot meant for use in orthopedic surgery. This robot enables a surgeon to be more efficient while also attaining the highest level of precision. Read on to learn how I use the CORI Surgical System to perform knee replacement surgery.

Preparing for Outpatient Total Knee Surgery

Once I and my patient determine that knee replacement surgery is the best option, I help them prepare for the procedure. To receive the best possible outcomes, you must put in the effort to prepare your body for surgery. I provide my patients with a copy of my OutpatientJason Norcross, MD using CORI robot Total Knee Replacement guide which includes a list of exercises and tasks that should be completed before receiving surgery. Preparing for surgery is one of the best ways to ensure a smooth recovery.

After preparing for the procedure, you will arrive at Prime Surgical Suites or Caldwell Memorial Hospital. The location of your surgery will be determined by your needs. Here you will prepare for surgery. You will sign your consent forms, receive pre-op medications and have your knee shaved (if necessary) and prepped with Hibiclens. Your surgeon, or his PA, will meet you in the pre-op area to mark the surgical site and answer any questions you may have. You are then transported to the operation room where surgery will begin after anesthesia is administered.

Using the CORI Surgical System

Once surgery is begun, I use the CORI Surgical System to map out a 3D model of the patient’s knee. With CORI, you will not need an MRI or CT scan before surgery. I use this 3D model to plan the surgery and to select the implant needed to give you the best outcome.

During the procedure, the CORI robot works with me to remove the damaged surfaces of your knee according to the model of your knee. For example, the robot makes sure that I only remove the planned amount of bone, no more or less. In this way, the CORI robot allows me to create the best plan for your knee and then complete that plan with the utmost accuracy.

Not all patients are candidates for robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery. If you believe you may benefit from this surgery, please reach out to our office at UNC Ortho.

About Jason Norcross, MD

Jason Norcross, MDJason Norcross, MD is a provider at UNC Ortho. He is a fellowship-trained adult reconstruction surgeon specializing in hip and knee replacement surgery. He has become one of the nation's top experts in the field of robotic-assisted surgery and provides training to other orthopedic surgeons learning this technology. Dr. Norcross spent the first 14 years of his practice in Hickory, North Carolina, developing a 5-star rating and achieving one of the highest patient-satisfaction scores in the region.

UNC Ortho provides a full scope of orthopedic services to patients in Caldwell County and beyond. Our skilled providers offer care in sports medicine, hand and upper extremity, foot and ankle, joint replacement and general orthopedics. If you believe you would benefit from care at UNC Ortho, please call (828) 757-5074