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Turn to Caldwell UNC Health Care for health and wellness services in Caldwell County. Let us help you enjoy a healthy lifestyle and live well.

Caldwell UNC Health Services

Take advantage of a variety of preventive care, health services, and education options. Enhance and maintain your well-being with:

Quest4Life Wellness Center

Count on us to support you, your family, neighbors, and other Caldwell County residents continuously work towards health and well-being. It’s part of our mission. Get help to live a healthy life and increase your fitness level at the Caldwell UNC Quest4Life Wellness Center. Take part in a broad range of health services and exercise classes taught by certified staff.

Community Health Programs

Improving community health means delivering important health and wellness education to you. Wellness topics like diet and tobacco cessation can protect and enhance your long-term health.

You’ll also find Caldwell UNC doctors and clinical staff presenting and participating in community, school, and workplace health and wellness events and programs.

Caldwell UNC Health Library

Visit our health library to check your symptoms and learn more about topics, including:

  • Children’s, men’s, women’s, and young adult's health
  • Conditions and diseases
  • Health care decisions
  • Medical tests
  • Medications
  • Surgeries
  • Treatments

Join Quest4Life Wellness Center

Call 828-758-8753 or stop by Quest4Life Wellness Center to become a member.

Monthly Wellness Calendar

Take charge of your health by adding new challenges to your wellness routine!

View Our Wellness Calendar

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