Caldwell UNC Respiratory Diagnostic Clinics - COVID-19 Assessment & Testing Sites

Daily Planned Breaks

In order to help maintain the health of our staff, the RDC will temporarily stop testing at the following times:

Monday – Friday

11:00 AM
15 minute stop

1:00 PM
30 minute stop

3:00 PM
15 minute stop


12:00 PM
30 minute stop

2:00 PM
15 minute stop

At these times, we ask that you turn off your vehicle and wait patiently until testing has resumed.

These times are approximate and may vary from day to day.

Respiratory Drive Thru Clinic at Caldwell

1031 Morganton Blvd. SW, Lenoir

Monday through Friday
9am to 5pm

10am to 4pm

Respiratory Drive Thru Clinic at RiverCrest

160 River Bend Drive Granite Falls

Monday, Wednesday and Friday (ONLY)
9am to 5pm

Reminder – watch for announcements related to scheduling changes during times of inclement weather

Scheduling Changes Due to Inclement Weather

Both Respiratory Diagnostic Clinics operate outside and therefore it may be necessary to modify the hours of operation due to weather conditions.  The Inclement Weather Policy below can be used to determine when modifications to the schedule would be expected.  Schedule modifications are also announced on the Caldwell UNC Health Care Facebook page. 

Inclement Weather Policy 

  1. Severe Weather:
    1. Thunderstorm: if storms are forecasted to be prolonged (>30 min) consider delay if in the am, early closure if in the pm.  Delay considered hour by hour.
    2. Thunder/Lightning: all staff go into building, wait 30 min from last strike before continuing operations.
    3. Heavy Rain/Steady Moderate Rain: If heavy rain/steady moderate rain is forecasted all day, prolonged >1hr consider delay, closure or delay leading to closure.
    4. High Wind: high wind/gusty winds for >1hr, consider delay, closure, delay leading to closure.
    5. Tornado: close immediately with Tornado warning, all staff to immediately move indoors to safety.
    6. Snow and/or Ice: delay or closure
    7. Hail: closure, immediately move all staff indoors/ to safety.
  2. Temperature:
    1. High Temperature: allow for breaks for staff to hydrate and cool down if temp >85 degrees.  100+ consider closure.
    2. Low Temperature: <50 degrees bring in heaters.  <40 degrees consider early closure if heaters not heating adequately.
    3. Low temperature: If forecast for Lenoir or Granite Falls indicates <40 degrees for daily high, we will not open the RDC in that location.
    4. Air Quality warnings: high heat high humidity consider closure or additional hydration/cool down breaks.

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