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Look to Caldwell UNC Health Care for treatment of pediatric and adult urinary and reproductive system problems. Receive care from board-certified urologists with over 25 years of experience.

Conditions We Treat

Find care for a broad range of urologic and reproductive conditions affecting men, women, and children, including:

Pediatric Urologic Conditions

Get compassionate, specialized care for children’s urological problems, including:

At your office visit, your urologist may order tests to help diagnose your symptoms. A certified urology nurse can perform urodynamic tests at the office. A trained radiology technologist will provide imaging tests.

Treatments & Procedures

Your urologist can offer in-office treatments and procedures, including:

  • Bacillus Calmette and Guerin (BCG) – Immunotherapy for early-stage bladder cancer
  • Biopsy – Removes a small tissue sample to examine under a microscope to detect cancer cells in your kidney, prostate, or testicles
  • Botox® – Injects medicine into the bladder to treat overactive bladder, bladder spasms, or incontinence
  • Pessary – Treats pelvic organ prolapse by placing a supportive device in the vagina
  • Pelvic floor exercises and biofeedback – Teaches control of bladder, abdominal, and pelvic floor muscles to improve urologic conditions
  • Testosterone replacement therapy – Boosts low testosterone through prescribed testosterone injections, pellets, patches, or gel
  • Vasectomy – Stops the release of semen during ejaculation

Erectile Dysfunction Care & Treatment

Work with a urologist for care of men’s sexual health concerns, such as erectile dysfunction (ED). Your doctor will ask about your medical history and perform a physical exam along with tests to help diagnose ED.

Your treatment will likely begin with lifestyle changes and medication for ED. If your condition doesn’t improve, your doctor may recommend injections or penal implant surgery.

Urologic Procedures & Surgeries

Depend on Caldwell UNC if your doctor recommends surgery for your condition. Get minimally invasive urologic procedures and surgeries at the George M. Hancock Surgery Center, such as:

  • Bladder sling surgery
  • Fistula repair – Removes an abnormal tissue growth connecting the colon, rectum, or vagina
  • Kidney stone removal (percutaneous nephrolithotomy)
  • Pelvic reconstructive surgery – Restores organs to their original position using your own tissue for support
  • Tumor removal to treat urologic cancers

Laser Lithotripsy for Kidney Stones

If you have a kidney stone, you may need a minimally invasive surgical procedure to break it up. Rely on us for laser lithotripsy – an advanced treatment for kidney stones. Laser lithotripsy can crush all types of stones to help them pass out of your body. You’ll enjoy a quicker treatment and faster recovery with a laser procedure.

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Call 828-757-6431 to schedule an appointment with a urologist at Caldwell Urology Associates.

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