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Spine Care

When your doctor recommends surgery to treat your neck or back pain, select Caldwell UNC Health Care. You’ll appreciate advanced surgical suites, innovative technology, and support services that help you heal so you can return to the activities you enjoy.

Conditions We Treat

Find high-quality care for:

Spine Center Program

Count on Caldwell UNC for comprehensive back, neck, and spine care. When you become a Spine Center patient, you benefit from:

Back Surgery

Enjoy the convenience of staying close to home when you choose Caldwell UNC for:

  • Discectomy – Removes the damaged part of a herniated disc
  • Disc replacement – Takes out a damaged disc and replaces it with an artificial one
  • Foraminotomy – Eases pressure on compressed nerves by widening the area where nerve roots leave the spinal canal
  • Laminectomy – Relieves nerve pressure by removing a part of the vertebrae bone called the lamina
  • Laminoplasty – Takes the pressure off your nerves by adding a hinge to a part of the vertebra bone called the lamina and opening it slightly
  • Sacroiliac joint fusion – Joints a bone at the base of your spine (sacrum) to a bone in your hip (ilium) to ease pain and improve stability
  • Scoliosis correction – Straightens the spine
  • Spinal fusion – Connects two bones in the spine to ease pain and improve stability
  • Vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty – Injects a cement mixture into a broken vertebra to strengthen the bone and ease pain

Minimally invasive & Robotic Back Surgery

Rest assured, Caldwell UNC has the tools and support your surgeon needs to perform minimally invasive back surgery, including robotic-assisted spine surgery. Your surgeon has access to Mazor Renaissance® an advanced 3D surgical planning and guidance system at Caldwell UNC. Mazor allows your surgeon to perform precise, custom spine surgery.

If you’re a candidate for a minimally invasive procedure, you may have a faster recovery, a shorter hospital stay, and smaller scars.

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