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Physical Therapy

Improve your strength, flexibility, and movement with the help of experienced physical therapists at Caldwell UNC Health Care in Lenoir, North Carolina.

Conditions that Benefit from Physical Therapy

Rely on high-quality physical therapy services at Caldwell UNC if you or a loved one need post-surgical rehabilitation or experience:

Physical Therapy for Children

Physical therapy for children can help treat conditions such as torticollis, toe walking (walking on the toes of the feet), scoliosis, and other orthopedic and neurologic conditions.

How Physical Therapy Can Help You

After an injury, illness, or surgery, or to manage a chronic health condition, physical therapy can help you:

  • Build strength and flexibility
  • Improve joint movement and range of motion
  • Increase mobility
  • Reduce pain and the need for pain medication
  • Support balance

Individual Evaluation & Treatment

At your first appointment, expect your physical therapist to ask about your medical history and current health condition. You’ll have an evaluation to assess your starting point and then to measure your therapy progress. Talk to your therapist about the skills and abilities you want to improve and your goals. Your trained and experienced physical therapist will tailor a treatment plan to meet your physical needs and personal goals.

Complete Therapeutic Services

Get physical therapy for all ages—infants, children, adolescents, adults, and seniors—at Caldwell UNC. You’ll attend physical therapy sessions at the Quest4Life Wellness Center. Count on us to provide treatments and services, including:

  • Cervical and lumbar traction – Expands the vertebrae in the neck or lower back to help reduce pain
  • Electrical stimulation – Sends mild electrical currents to nerves to treat pain
  • Functional capacity evaluation – Assesses your ability to perform work activities
  • Heat – Helps maintain flexibility after an injury
  • Ice and cold packs – Relieve pain and swelling
  • Manual therapy – Uses gentle movements, pressure, and massage to reduce muscle tension and pain in your joints, muscles, and soft tissues
  • Therapeutic ultrasound – Transfers heat into injured areas of your body to decrease pain and swelling

Education & Training

Turn to your experienced physical therapist at Caldwell UNC to learn exercises to help strengthen and stretch your body and increase your balance. You’ll also learn how to walk with assistive devices like walkers and canes if needed.

Maintain Your Progress at Quest4Life

Join Quest4Life Wellness Center after you “graduate” from supervised physical therapy. Receive a membership discount to continue your physical progress.

Specialized Outpatient Physical Therapy

Take advantage of focused physical therapy programs at Caldwell UNC. Our physical therapists have extra training and professional certifications to provide specialized treatments, such as:

Ask for a Referral

Talk to your doctor to get a referral for rehabilitation services at Caldwell UNC Health Care.

Call 828-757-6226 if you have questions about our services.

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