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Occupational Therapy

Look to Caldwell UNC Health Care for a wide range of pediatric and adult occupational therapy treatments. You’ll benefit from therapies aimed at improving or restoring your ability to live independently.

How an Occupational Therapist Can Help You

After an injury, illness, surgery, or sudden health condition, such as a stroke, you may need to recover lost skills. A licensed occupational therapist at Caldwell UNC can provide occupational therapy to teach you new ways to complete everyday activities (occupations) and live a full life.

Individualized Therapy for Your Needs

Rely on our knowledgeable occupational therapists to assess your skills and talk to you about your therapy goals. Discuss and create a personalized therapy plan with your occupational therapist. Your plan will help you improve your abilities.

Get focused therapy that can help your specific needs after:

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

If your child needs occupational therapy, depend on Caldwell UNC. Find therapy options to treat developmental and learning delays.

Occupational Therapy Treatments

Trust the experienced occupational therapists at Caldwell UNC in Lenoir, North Carolina, to help manage pain, teach, and provide therapies such as:

  • Fine motor skills development – Works to coordinate the small muscles in your hands, fingers, and wrists to move and perform common tasks like writing, holding silverware, and buttoning a shirt
  • Biofeedback training – Teaches you to control some of your body functions to relieve pain and improve health conditions
  • Training in activities of daily living (ADL)
    • Personal care
    • Home skills and tasks, such as cooking
  • Manual therapy – Increases range of motion, strength, and relieves pain
  • Stress management – Helps develop coping skills
  • Cognitive retraining – say they have a brain injury or stroke and they don’t recognize the thing and able to recognize the word, motor planning can’t follow a sequence or steps

Ask for a Referral

Talk to your doctor to get a referral for rehabilitation services at Caldwell UNC Health Care.

Call 828-757-6226 if you have questions about our services.

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