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Prenatal & Obstetrics Care

Partner with Caldwell UNC Health Care to get important, regular prenatal care during your pregnancy. Rely on us for experienced obstetric care for you and your baby.

Find an Expert Obstetric Provider

Get early and regular prenatal care when you’re pregnant. Look to us for a full range of maternity care at Laurel Park Women’s Health – Granite Falls and Laurel Park Women’s Health – Lenoir. Select a Caldwell UNC prenatal care provider close to home that fits your needs and preferences. Choose:

Your OB or midwife will perform regular checkups to prevent and spot problems early. Follow your provider’s instructions to keep you and your baby healthy.

Pregnancy Medical Home

If you receive Medicaid, your OB or midwife may refer you to a social worker who can help you get coordinated, affordable care to improve your birth outcome. You have access to this service because our clinics participate in North Carolina’s Pregnancy Medical Home program.

Wide-Ranging Maternity Care

Get high-quality prenatal care from a Caldwell UNC provider if you’re a teen or adult. Find care whether you have a low-risk pregnancy or special care considerations, such as:

Pregnancy-Related Conditions

If you develop a health condition or complication during your pregnancy, you’ll find skilled care from your provider. Pregnancy-related conditions we treat include:

Quitting Smoking

Ask about the smoking cessation program at Caldwell UNC.

Pregnancy Support & Preparing for Birth

Count on your Caldwell UNC provider to help you stay healthy during pregnancy and plan for childbirth. Receive your Pregnancy Care Pathway notebook from your doctor or midwife if you’re a patient at one of our Laurel Park offices. The notebook is a keepsake pregnancy journal and a personal map for your journey. It includes information about:

  • Accessing your electronic medical record (My UNC Chart)
  • Breastfeeding and lactation support
  • Childbirth and sibling classes
  • Providers and locations
  • Pregnancy care and services at Caldwell UNC and Laurel Park offices
  • Prenatal and postpartum emotional changes
  • What to expect during each trimester of pregnancy
  • What to pack for the hospital

Healthy Pregnancy

During pregnancy, your provider will tell you to make lifestyle changes to achieve a healthy pregnancy. Prevent harm to your baby by eating well, stopping smoking, and avoiding alcohol and illegal drugs. Talk to your provider if you need behavioral health counseling or treatment to make a change.

Virtual Tour Video

Take a virtual tour of The Family BirthPlace to familiarize yourself with our modern facilities.

Your Birth Plan

Learn the basics about birth plans at the Childbirth Class at Caldwell UNC and in your notebook. Your Caldwell UNC OB or CNM can also help you make a practical plan for your childbirth experience and communicate it to the Family BirthPlace. If you’re not a patient at Laurel Park Women’s Health, present your birth plan during admission to the Family BirthPlace for labor and delivery.

Elective Gender Reveal

Before your fetal ultrasound appointment, ask for advanced 3D or 4D imaging if you’d like to learn your baby’s gender.

Centering Pregnancy®

If you’re working with a midwife, take part in Centering Pregnancy to connect with women with similar due dates. You’ll benefit from more time with your midwife then you would with prenatal office visits. This prenatal care program takes place at Laurel Park Women’s Health – Granite Falls.

You’ll take part in 10 Centering Pregnancy group sessions during the second and third trimester of your pregnancy. Each session lasts about two hours. The classes coincide with your gestational age. Learn and discuss:

  • Changes to your body during pregnancy
  • How your baby is growing
  • Tips on healthy living and lifestyle changes

Take advantage of question and answer sessions, group discussions, sharing experiences, and support at your sessions.

Choose a Pediatrician

Find a pediatrician in the Caldwell UNC physician network to care for your newborn.

Make an Appointment

Call to make an appointment with a Caldwell UNC Health Care obstetrician or certified nurse midwife at:

  • Laurel Park Women’s Health – Granite Falls at 828-757-8251
  • Laurel Park Women’s Health – Lenoir at 828-757-3301

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