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Childbirth & Sibling Classes

Prepare for the birth of your baby by partnering with certified childbirth educators at Caldwell UNC Health Care’s Family BirthPlace

Preparing for Childbirth

This is an exciting and important time in your life. Take your childbirth class when you’re close to seven months pregnant.

Childbirth Classes

Let us help you and your partner through your journey to parenthood. Take part in a childbirth class to boost your confidence, knowledge, and skills before you deliver your new baby. And make connections with other expecting parents.

Childbirth classes at the Caldwell UNC Family BirthPlace follow Lamaze philosophy and childbirth education. Learn about prenatal care, labor and delivery methods, breastfeeding, and more during your class. You’ll benefit by experiencing a well-informed pregnancy and birth.

First Class

Your first class will cover:

  • Anatomy and caring for yourself during pregnancy
  • Making decisions about your care
  • Signs of labor and symptoms of preterm labor
  • When to come to the hospital
  • Labor and delivery
    • Pain management, breathing, and relaxation techniques
    • Labor positions and pushing
    • What to expect after childbirth

Second Class

At your second class, you’ll focus on:

Sibling Class

Enroll your child age 2 or older in Sibling Class to help them understand more about becoming a big brother or sister. Class topics are age-appropriate. Your child will take part in activities, including reading a story, watching a birth story, and doing a craft. Your child will receive a big brother or sister certificate at the end.

During class, your child will learn basic information about newborns, such as:

  • Where mom and dad go to have a baby
  • What it will be like to have a baby at home
  • How babies communicate and what they need (diapers, clothes, blankets, love)
  • How to help when the baby comes home
  • How to show love to their new brother or sister

Your child can bring a baby doll or small stuffed animal to class so they can diaper, clothe, swaddle, and hold it.

Sibling Class Sign Up

Call 828-757-5376 to request a spot in the Sibling Class at the Caldwell UNC Family BirthPlace.

Parents will get tips about:

  • How to prepare your child for the birth of their new brother or sister
  • Ways to welcome the new baby into the family
  • How siblings can help with newborn care
  • Ways to adjust to changing family dynamics

Sign Up for a Class

Register for a free childbirth class at the Caldwell UNC Family BirthPlace. Sign up at Laurel Park Women’s Health – Granite Falls or Lenoir – after a prenatal care appointment. Or call the Family BirthPlace at 828-757-5376 to enroll.

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