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Lab Services

Count on skilled lab professionals at Caldwell UNC Health Care for high-quality services in Lenoir, North Carolina. Look to us for timely, accurate results for almost any lab test you need.

Accredited Laboratory Services

You can trust the lab services at Caldwell UNC because the College of American Pathologists (CAP) accredits our laboratory. Feel confident that our team provides safe, high-quality laboratory services that meet state and federal requirements.

What to Expect

Your doctor may order lab tests to check, diagnose, or manage a health condition. Your tests may involve taking blood, urine, fluid, or tissue samples.

Hospital Lab & Pathology Services

Find complete laboratory services at Caldwell UNC, including tests that:

  • Assess blood products before transfusion
  • Check for blood clotting and screen for problems if you take anticoagulant medication
  • Diagnose diseases by inspecting organs and tissues
  • Detect and evaluate DNA sequences that may be associated with disease (molecular test)
  • Examine body fluids to diagnose disease
  • Evaluate blood to find blood diseases and disorders
  • Identify bacteria, fungi, parasites, chlamydia, and viruses that cause infections
  • Look at urine for the presence of bacteria, pH, substances, drugs, and disease (urine test)
  • Measure the level of electrolytes, lipids, and other substances in your blood (chemistry screen)

Find the Outpatient Lab at Caldwell UNC

Enter Caldwell UNC Health Care at the main hospital entrance. Follow wayfinding signs to the outpatient lab or ask for directions at the front desk.

Outpatient Lab Services

Get most lab tests done on a first-come, first-served basis at our convenient outpatient lab at Caldwell UNC. Glucose tolerance tests require an appointment.

What Should I Bring?

You must have a doctor’s order for your lab tests. You also should bring:

  • Identification, such as a driver’s license
  • Insurance card
  • Any documents your doctor directs you to bring

Your Test Results

When your test results are ready, your doctor will receive them from Caldwell UNC. Talk to your doctor about the results or log in to My UNC Chart to view them.

Request a copy of your lab results at our medical records department. You’ll need to sign a consent form to get your results.

Supporting Community Health

Support Caldwell UNC’s efforts to maintain the health of your family, friends, and neighbors in Caldwell County.

Health Fairs

If you have a community event scheduled and would like to request complimentary onsite lab services, call 828-757-5257 and ask to speak with the lab manager.

Blood Drives

Participate in a volunteer-coordinated blood drive at Caldwell UNC. Your blood donations help support our community needs and patients at our hospital.

Contact Us

If you have a question about lab services at Caldwell UNC Health Care, call 828-757-5257.

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