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Heart Care

For high-quality cardiac care in your community, choose Caldwell UNC Health Care. Stay close to home for a wide range of services that help you live a heart-healthy life.

Call 911

If you experience chest pain or other symptoms of a heart attack, call 911 right away or visit the closest hospital emergency department.

Conditions We Treat

Rely on us for a diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular conditions such as:

Cardiac Services & Treatments

You may benefit from prevention, testing or treatment services, including:

Partnerships for Heart Attack Care & Surgery

In some cases, you can get heart attack treatment (angioplasty or clot-busting drugs) at Caldwell UNC. But if you have a severe heart attack, the cardiac care team may transfer you to another hospital for specialized care. That hospital can perform emergency coronary bypass surgery if needed to restore blood flow to your heart—and save your life. Because quicker care improves outcomes, we transfer heart attack patients faster than the state and national average.

If your cardiologist at Caldwell UNC recommends heart surgery, we’ll help you transition seamlessly to another hospital equipped to provide excellent specialized treatment.

Heart Care Team

You’ll get the best-possible outcome thanks to well-rounded care from a group of compassionate experts, such as:

  • Board-certified cardiologists – Doctors who specialize in the heart and have years of experience
  • Family nurse practitioner – Professional who helps oversee your care in the outpatient clinic setting
  • Hospitalists – Doctors who specialize in caring for you during your hospital stay
  • Registered nurses – Caregivers who tend to your day-to-day medical needs

Make an Appointment

Call 828-757-6462 to schedule an appointment with a Caldwell UNC Health Care cardiologist.

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