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Cancer Care Team

Lean on a well-rounded team of supportive specialists during your care at McCreary Cancer Center in Lenoir, North Carolina. They work together to tend to all your health needs, so you experience the best possible outcome.

Cancer Team Members

Depending on your needs, your care team may include these professionals.


  • Hospitalist – Cares for you during a hospital stay
  • Medical oncologist – Specializes in using chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and other medications to treat cancer
  • Pathologist – Checks blood or tissue samples for disease
  • Radiation oncologist – Specializes in using radiation therapy to treat cancer
  • Radiologist – Checks images of the inside of your body for problems
  • Surgeon – Removes cancerous tissue from your body

Other Experts

  • Nurses – Care for your day-to-day health needs
  • Pharmacist – Provides prescription medications and tells you how to take them safely and effectively
  • Support professionals – Include financial counselors, rehabilitation therapists, dietitians, and more

Nurse Navigator

Partner with our nurse navigator for guidance throughout your cancer care journey—from diagnosis to survivorship. Your nurse navigator can help you:

  • Understand treatment options
  • Make medical appointments
  • Communicate with the rest of your care team
  • Access support and resources at McCreary Cancer Center and in the community

Lay Navigators

Receive help from a lay navigator – trained volunteers who are also cancer survivors – to overcome barriers to care. Ask your nurse navigator about meeting with a lay navigator.

Loved Ones & Caregivers

Family plays a key role in your cancer care. Bring a loved one to your appointments, especially if that person will care for you at home. Your support person can ask questions, help you understand your diagnosis and treatment plan, and provide support and encouragement.

Types of Medical Specialists

Learn more about the many types of medical specialists and other health care professionals who may help you fight cancer.

Make an Appointment

Call 828-759-4690 to schedule an appointment at McCreary Cancer Center.

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