Published on January 25, 2017

New Chief of Staff at Caldwell UNC Health Care

Dr. Jeffery Keverline, Chief of Staff

Caldwell UNC Health Care recently announced that Jeffrey P. Keverline, MD, has been appointed to serve as new Chief of Staff.  Dr. Keverline, an orthopedic surgeon, has lived and worked in the Caldwell County community for over 16 years. He joined the Medical Staff in August 2000. In 2014, Dr. Keverline was presented the George M. Hancock, MD Award for Excellence in Patient Care. Dr. Keverline is a current member of Caldwell UNC Health Care Board of Directors, served as Chief of Surgery for five years, and Vice Chief of Staff in 2016 and 2017. He also serves on the board at The Helping Hands Clinic and the Caldwell Memorial Hospital Foundation.  Dr. Keverline was elected by his peers to serve as Chief of Staff for 2017 and 2018. He is a partner in EmergeOrtho (formerly Carolina Orthopaedic Specialists).

Dr. Keverline mentioned several goals he would like to accomplish during his term as Chief of Staff.  He plans to work closely with Hospital Administration to advocate for the needs of physicians in this rapidly changing health care environment.  His duties will include presiding over the Medical Executive Committee, reviewing and approving the appointment of new providers and reappointment of existing medical staff, and participating on the Hospital Board.  “There’s a lot that goes on that nobody sees that’s quite time-consuming and very important,” stated Dr. Keverline when discussing his role as Chief of Staff.  Dr. Keverline and his fellow providers are excited about the major renovations occurring in the hospital Surgery Department.  Once completed, the added space and upgraded equipment will improve our surgical experience both for patients and providers. “It should complement physician performance, as well as offer aesthetic appeal and ample space for families and visitors in the waiting areas which are all being completely redone.“   Dr. Keverline expressed his appreciation for the significant financial donations from the community and UNC Healthcare that will make it possible.

As Dr. Keverline surveys the medical climate for the coming two years of his term, an issue of importance will be to grow the number of available Family Practice physicians.  He stated that recruiting younger providers, in primary care, has proven difficult, due in part to a lack of supply and increased demand across the country. “We’re going to have to go out of our way to recruit quality people and provide the proper support and work satisfaction so they will decide to to stay here.  “That’s the lifeblood of the hospital,” stated Dr. Keverline.  He went on to explain that Primary Care providers refer patients to hospital specialists, surgeons, lab testing, and other aspects of the system. Therefore, a significant shortage of them could, in-turn, affect all the other providers as well as the hospital’s financial security.  Dr. Keverline sees his role in recruiting new physicians is to help prospects understand the uniqueness of our community at-large, and what it offers in regards to quality of life.  He then noted out the quaintness of Caldwell County, the lifestyle of outdoor living, its proximity to larger metropolitan areas, and the ability to get to the coast in four-to-five hours.  Finding physicians who seek such a lifestyle, he feels, will be crucial in recruiting and keeping them here for the long term.  Dr. Keverline and his family came for these reasons and are grateful to be an integral part of this community for the past sixteen years.