Published on June 26, 2017

Camp Med 2017

Camp med class of 2017

Caldwell County High School Students Attend Camp Med

Caldwell Memorial Hospital (CMH) recently held its annual Camp Med program providing students an opportunity to explore health careers in a live environment. Caldwell Memorial Hospital applies annually for a grant offered by the NorthWest AHEC, and partners with Caldwell County Schools to identify potential students. Camp Med is a competitive program where students receive an application from their school Counselors during March/April, then submit it along with an essay. Applications and essays are reviewed in conjunction with school records on attendance, grades and performance, and students that pass the first round are interviewed.

Nineteen High School students were accepted to participate in this years’ program allowing them to spend two days in a classroom environment at CMH and listen to presentations from various areas within the organization about what it takes to get into those professions, as well as explore career outlooks and tour hospital facilities. Finally, students had two full days of clinical rotations through CMH where they spent time in various units shadowing staff and providers while observing them as they worked with patients. During these rotations students were able to see trauma patients coming into the Emergency Department and experience what it is like to work various departments within the hospital. Several of this year's students expressed a strong desire to have a career within the medical field. CMH is proud to offer them a real-life experience to help prepare them for their life's profession.