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Commitment to Our Community

UNC Health Caldwell offer access to high-quality health care close to home. 

Community Benefits

Community benefits is the general term given to a group of activities that hospitals engage in for the betterment of the communities we serve. There are two basic kinds of reportable community benefits:

  • Direct
  • Shared

Direct Community Benefits

Direct community benefits include items such as cash donations given, in-kind donations given, the cost of treating patients who qualify for charity care, and the unreimbursed costs of treating patients covered by Medicare, Medicaid and other government programs. 

Shared Community Benefits

Shared community benefits include items that are difficult to calculate but through which community well-being is directly affected.  At Caldwell, these include non-staff physician recruitment; economic development; education and community events.

Our Commitment to You

When your health is on the line, who will be there for you with the latest treatments and technologies?

  We will.

Who will care for you with a network of top rated physicians, providing you with compassionate, expert care?

  We will.

And who will make you our priority, focusing on the health of our community every day?

  We will.

We are UNC Health Caldwell. And we’re more than your hospital, we’re your neighbors too.

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